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We specialize in providing PC based software for the management of construction projects and similar ventures. The majority of our users work in the construction industry - or closely allied areas such as mining and process engineering. Our software is being used by Federal, State and Local Government, Contractors, Project Managers, Consulting Engineers and Architects.

Our software is developed in Australia and all our products are directly supported by the designers and programmers. 

We provide the following packages:-

PROBID - our Cost Estimating & Tendering System - has been used by some of Australasia's biggest construction organizations on some of the largest and most complex successful tenders. Despite its power and sophistication, it still wins plaudits for its ease of use and speed of adoption within both small and large organizations.

PROBILL - our Contract Billing System - is a unique product used by many organizations in the management of their contracts. It provides professional control of Progress Payment Certificates, Variations, Contract Changes, and Escalation ("Rise & Fall").

PROCOST - our Costing System - is a Labour and Plant oriented Job Costing system designed to produce fast, focused and effective cost variance reports that are not restricted or delayed by the needs of accounting systems. Managers see reports on a daily or weekly basis - and within hours of the end of the costing period.

PROVAL - our Valuation System - is designed to simplify the production of accurate valuations of completed work. It ensures subcontract liabilities and payments are synchronized with valuations and allows cost and valuation reporting cycles to be separated from progress payment cycles.

PROPLAN - our Project Scheduling System - differs from other PC based PERT/CPM packages in that it provides all the essential features of the professional, construction oriented mini-computer packages (multiple calendars, alphanumeric numbering, full hammocking, flexible constraint dates, etc.) in an economical and immediately usable system. 1234567DFR

Flexible and economical multi-user licences are available to the larger organization.

Evaluation packs are available so that you can fully assess a package before purchasing.

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This site is designed to enhance the support services we provide to our customers. It offers several facilities to help you resolve problems, report bugs, and suggest improvements to our products and service.

Licenced users may also obtain technical support by e-mail or telephone at the numbers below.