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PROBILL Contract Billing System

The PROBILL Contract Billing system will:-

Greatly improve your contract cash flow.

Significantly reduce the time spent in preparing Progress Payment Certificates.

Produce professional looking certificates and reports.

Manage changes and variations so that they are resolved quickly.

Automatically calculate escalation for inclusion in the current billing.

Project a final contract value.

Summarize all contracts in a department or project.

PROBILL offers:-

Flexible division of Items into Sections and Groups to match any Contract or BOQ format.

Alphanumeric Group, Section and Item numbers.

Optional auto-increment mode for item entry. 

Original Contract Quantities and Projected Final Quantities separately maintained.

Notepad facility on all records.

Popup Arithmetic Expression Evaluator which may be tied to any numeric input field.

Dated records show last access date.

Optional Password protection of data.

Escalation automatically calculated and included in current Billing.

Detailed Escalation calculation sheets.

Multiple Escalation Formulae within each contract.

Multiple Cost Indices within each escalation formulae.

Preliminary or Final cost indices may be used.

Overall Markup or Discount for rental and service contracts.

Retention Rate may be specified.

Retention may be capped as a percentage rate and/or dollar amount.

Completed items can be summarized and Unstarted items suppressed.

Report definitions may be "stacked" and saved.

Summarize all contracts within a Department or Project.

Clone and Change items by masking.

Import job details from PROBID Estimating & Tendering System 

Import contract items from any ASCII file.

Digitizer quantity takeoff directly from plans.

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