PROBID Estimating and Tendering System
PROBILL Contract Billing and Variation Management System
PROVAL Job Valuation and Subcontract Liability
PROCOST Job Costing and Materials Reconciliation
PROPLAN Planning and Scheduling System



Evaluation packs are available for each of our software systems. They consist of a working - but time and capacity restricted - copy of the program.

Full "hardcopy" Evaluation packs can be purchased from PROCON for most products, or the essential files downloaded free of charge by clicking on these links:- 

Download PROBID Evaluation

Download PROBILL Evaluation

Download PROPLAN Evaluation

Download PROCOST Evaluation

Download PROVAL Evaluation

Each evaluation program is provided in the form of a ZIP file. Download it and unzip the file to a temporary directory. Then run the extracted Windows Installer file to install the full system onto your hard disk.

You should also download the tutorial documentation (just Part B of the complete program manual) as a PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) file. This information can then be viewed - or printed - using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.

Time Warning!       A "hands on" tutorial is included     The Tutorial takes several hours to complete

The tutorial may take several hours to complete. However, it is definitely the best way to take an "in depth" look at the program and ensure that you are prepared to make immediate use of it once you purchase a user licence.

Purchase A Hardcopy Manual and Program on Disk

If downloading files is not convenient, you can purchase a full evaluation pack at a nominal prepaid cost of:-

Australia          A$55 ($60.50 incl GST)

New Zealand     A$65

International     A$75

Full A5 Boxed Manuals provided        The Evaluation Pack includes the full manual, demo and program disk

The cost of evaluation packs will be credited against any licence purchased within 90 days. Orders and payment may be sent to the address below. Alternatively, you can purchase an evaluation pack by credit card through PayPal's secure payment facility. To do so, click on one of these logos:-

        Buy a Evaluation pack.
        Buy a Evaluation pack.
        Buy a Evaluation pack.

Download a PROBID Evaluation

System Files: BIDEVAL.ZIP (920 kBytes)
Tutorial Docs: BIDTUTE.PDF (615 kBytes)
Last update: 04Oct18

Download a PROBILL Evaluation

System Files: BILLEVAL.ZIP (569 kBytes)
Tutorial Docs: BILLTUTE.PDF (400 kBytes)
Last update: 04Oct18

Download a PROPLAN Evaluation

System Files: PLANEVAL.ZIP (608 kBytes)
Tutorial Docs: PLANTUTE.PDF (420 kBytes)
Last update: 04Oct18

Download a PROCOST Evaluation

System Files: COSTEVAL.ZIP (490 kBytes)
Tutorial Docs: COSTTUTE.PDF (830 kBytes)
Last update: 04Oct18

Download a PROVAL Evaluation

System Files: VALEVAL.ZIP (490 kBytes)
Tutorial Docs: VALTUTE.PDF (900 kBytes)
Last update: 04Oct18

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