WFil2PRN - Windows File Printer WFil2PRN - A Windows File Printer

What is the Latest WFil2PRN Version?

WFil2PRN v1.01

What Does WFil2PRN Do?

WFil2PRN is a Windows' utility designed to copy raw data files directly to a printer. (It is the Windows' equivalent of the Console mode utility File2PRN).

WFil2PRN is primarily for users who need to print text files, log files, and PCL files, etc.

WFil2PRN allows you to:-

  • use multiple wildcarded file pathnames,
  • browse to select individual file sets,
  • send the output to any Windows' printer (USB, local, networked, etc.),
  • display a list of installed printers,
  • resize and reposition the dialog - even on multi-monitor systems,
  • save file lists and printer selection between sessions.

The WFil2PRN Dialog

The dialog looks like this:

WFil2PRN - Windows File Printer

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