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Font Utilities

PROCON provides several specialized Font Utilities to assist users in the manipulation and management of their installed fonts. Information on - and some evaluation versions of - these utilities can be accessed through the links below.

ShowFont - A Windows' Font Lister ShowFont - Windows Font Lister ShowFont - Windows' Font Lister

ShowFont is a Windows' utility designed to list the fonts available on your system, show some characteristic properties of each font, and display a text sample - or ASCII character table - for the font. The dialog looks like this:

ShowFont - Windows Font Lister - Click for Info

Download Evaluation Version: SHOWFONT.ZIP

MS-DOS Command Line Font Utilities Windows' Command Line Font Utilities Unix & Linux Command Line Font Utilities Command Line Font Utilities Command Line Font Utilities

The FONTUTIL.ZIP package of Font utilities contains:

DOS/Windows' CPI File Utilities
CODEPAGE.EXE - Display Codepage Name given Codepage value
SHOWCPI.EXE  - Show Font Details in DOS/Windows' CPI File
MAKECPI.EXE  - Create a DOS/Windows' CPI File from Font Files
EDITCPI.EXE  - Replace Fonts in DOS/Windows' CPI File
DUMPFNTS.EXE - Extracts Fonts from DOS/Windows' CPI Files

VGA ROM BIOS Utilities
SHOWVGAS.EXE - Display Fonts in a VGA FNT Image File
SHOWVBIN.EXE - Display Fonts in a Video Card's ROM BIOS Image File

Windows Raster FON File Utilities
FONFILE.EXE  - List Constituent FNTs in a FON File
SaveFnts.EXE - Extract Constituent FNTs from FON File
ShowFnts.EXE - Show FNT details within a Windows FON File
ZapChar.EXE  - Set specified FON File character to Byte Value

Windows Font Lister
ListFnts.EXE - List Windows' Installed Fonts

Download Evaluation Pack: FONTUTIL.ZIP

User Licence

These font utilities are provided free of charge to users of PROBID, PROBILL, or PROPLAN with current support agreements.

Other users are authorized to install and examine any utility for a maximum period of 30 days after which they must purchase a licence to continue using the software.

Click here to purchase licences for any of PROCON's packages.

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