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HVRaster for Windows' Text Editors - A Better Bitmap Font for Windows

Fixed Width Fonts

Some Windows' applications - like program development environments - work effectively only with "monospaced", or fixed width fonts. Other applications involving a lot of text and numeric entry - data base systems, spreadsheets, etc., - are much easier to use with monospaced fonts.

Windows includes a limited set of both vector (scalable) and raster (bitmap) monospaced fonts that it makes available to its applications.

The available vector TrueType fonts might include:-

Facename              Filenames
Courier New           COUR*.TTF
Lucida Console        LUCON.TTF
Andale Mono           ANDALEMO.TTF
Letter Gothic MT      LC*.TTF
MS Linedraw           LINEDRAW.TTF

The available raster fonts probably only include:-

Facename              Filenames
Courier 10,12,15      COURF.FON
Fixedsys              VGAFIX.FON
Terminal              VGAOEM.FON
Terminal              8514OEM.FON

While the raster fonts are more legible than the vector fonts - especially at small point sizes - all these fonts are poor choices for intensive screen work.

The character glyphs are small, thin and indistinct and many individual characters are easily confused (0 and O, 1, land I, 2 and Z, 8 and B, (, { and [.)

The raster fonts include too few point sizes to be effective and flexible choices at different monitor resolutions.

HVRaster - A Hi-Visibility Monospaced Raster Font

HVFont - Procon's High Visibility Font HVRaster is a OEM Codepage 437 monospaced bitmap font. (If you prefer TrueType fonts, our HVEdit suite provides TrueType alternatives.)

Click on the image below to see a comparison of the HVRaster Programmers Editor Font with the fonts available in Windows.

Click to see a comparison of HVRaster with Windows' fonts

Click on the image below to see a screen shot of the HVRaster fonts being used in a programmer's editor.

Click to see an example of the HVRaster fonts in Visual Studio

The Licensed version of the HVRaster.FON file provides the HVFont in three different widths - Standard, Narrow and Wide - and over 20 different sizes from 6x7 pixel glyphs (5 points) to 14x30 (23 points).

Click on the image below to see some of the HVRaster fonts sizes included.

Click to see some of the HVRaster fonts

The Evaluation version has a subset of five of the Standard width fonts in glyph sizes from 8x12 to 14x30.

Click here to download an Evaluation version of the HVRaster font package.

Click here to purchase one of PROCON's HVFont packages. 

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