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PROVAL Project Valuation System
Project Valuation, Subcontract Certificates, Subcontract Reconciliation, Subcontract Variance, Item Value, Progress Measure, Labor, Plant and Equipment, Materials, Subcontracts

PROPLAN Project Scheduling System
Planning, Scheduling, Project Management, Precedence Diagram, Relationship, Lag, Critical Path Method, CPM, Program Evaluation Review technique, PERT, PERT COST, Milestone Date, Flag date, Earliest date, Latest date, Float, Slack, Free Float, Total Float, Independent Float

PROBID Project Estimating and Tendering System
Pricing, Bidding, Estimating, Tendering, Quoting, Base currency, Bid currency, Resource based, First principles, Elemental estimating, parametric estimating, Budget, productivity, output, Resources, contractors, subcontractors, crew, gang, assembly, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Mining, Resource usage, Estimate, Tender, Bid, Price

PROBILL Project Billing System
Contract Billing, Variations, Claims, Progress Payment Certificates, Budgets, Escalation, Rise and Fall, price index, inflation, Materials on Site, Progress Claim, Retention, Holdback, Construction Management, Project Management

PROCOST Project Costing System
Project Costing, Project Committed Cost, Measurement, Progress Measure, Materials Usage Variance, Materials Price Variance, Productivity, Wastage, Usage, Labour, Plant, Equipment, Materials, Subcontracts