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Some English Language Courses and/or Tutors available on the North Shore/Northern Beaches area and the Sydney CBD. Some  free!

Algunos cursos en inglés - y/o profesores particulares - disponibles en esta area ('North Shore' y 'Northern Beaches') y en el centro de la ciudad. ¡Algunos son gratis!

St Matthews' Church
Corner The Corso and Darley Road
"English Conversation Practice"
Thursdays 6:00pm - 7:15pm
Check dates
$2 donation cada semana
Hay que registrar en la oficina de la iglesia.

Manly Community Centre
12 Wentworth St, Manly
English Conversation and Intermediate Classes (son gratis)
Lunes 10:00am - 11:30am
Para más información, llame a Maria (Tel: 040 463 6217) (y sí, ¡ella habla castellano!)

Dee Why
Dee Why Community Centre
34a Howard Avenue, Dee Why
English Conversation and Intermediate Classes (son gratis)
Viernes 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Para más información, llame a Maria (Tel: 040 463 6217)

Allambie Heights
ENGLISH FOR LIFE: Language and life skills for non-English speakers
Tuesday 9.15am to 11.15am and 7pm to 8.15pm
St Martin's Hall, Libya Cres, Allambie Heights.
Phone Roslyn 99397336.

Crows Nest
English conversation and more
Crowies Craft, Northside Baptist Centre
65 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest
Details: 9901 4299 or via Northside Baptist Church

Free English language classes (in term time)
Wednesdays, 10.30am to 12.30pm
St David's Anglican Church
697 Warringah Rd, Forestville
during term time. Group and individual tuition at all levels
Conversation and grammar.
Phone 9451 8329 or 9451 5242.

Northern Beaches
The Literacy Network offers free English private lessons with a trained tutor.
You must have at least basic English conversation ability to take these classes.
The Literacy Network are also looking for native English speakers who would like to be trained as instructors.
Contact Joan Giumelli at or phone 9452 5840.

International House in the CBD sometimes offer free courses run by teacher trainees.
International House Sydney
Level 1, 203 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Tel: (02) 9279 0733

1. Not all of these groups will be running at any given time.
2. Many are run by volunteers - and some have connections with religious denominations.

English Teachers/Tutors

Personal instruction in English/Instrucción particular en inglés:

En Manly/Fairlight, Contact:
Eva Isabel Kadar
Tel: 9949 8525 Mob: 0413 362 441

En Manly, Contact:
Lizzy Dobson
Mob: 0450 026 412
Over six years of teaching experience in Australia, England, Mexico, Spain and Oman.
Has taught all levels, English for business, General English, English for exam preparation.

En Manly, Contact:
Fiona Sweeting
Tel: 9977 7567 Mob: 0415 815 985

Some English Language Courses available on-line:
Algunos cursos en inglés disponibles en la red. ¡Todos gratis!

El sitio web

Podcasts en inglés

English as a Second Language Podcast
Mansion Inglés Podcasts
Recursos audios para aprender inglés
Bienvenidos A Ingléstotal
Tu Inglés

Recursos para ayudar estudiantes de inglés que están pensando en tomar el examen IELTS.
¡Y todos son gratis!

Road to IELTS
IELTS Test Samples
Free Conversational English Practice
Free online English lessons & ESL/EFL resources
Learn English speaking FREE with
English for Everybody
English tests online:
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Online English Courses

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