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Manly Spanish Conversation Group


Every Wednesday night from 6:15pm to 7:45pm.


Market Place, MANLY 2095
UBD Reference: B10, Page 197 (Approximately 150m from Wharf)
See Google Map of Manly

El grupo de conversación en español en la biblioteca en Manly


Whistler Street Car Park
If in by 7pm you have 2 hours free.
(Penalty hourly rates later). Flat rate after 7pm.
Street parking is usually available at that time.


Gary Raynor   Tel: 02 9977 6863
Email gjr@procon.com.au
Website: http://www.procon.com.au/MSCG/index.htm
Information will generally be distributed by email (BCC - CCO).

Library Requirements:

No food or drinks in the library
Mobile phones must be switched OFF in the library (¡por favor!)
We must return our chairs to the adjoining room, tidy up and leave by 8pm when the library closes.

Guidelines/Normas (while in the library):

¡Español solamente! Only Spanish to be spoken.

¡No es una 'clase'! It is an informal opportunity to meet people interested in the language and culture, practice your Spanish and discuss any subject of general interest - travel, work, movies, books, politics, etc.

Speakers at all levels are welcome, but you must be able to speak some Spanish! Native speakers will enjoy meeting Spanish speakers from other countries and people with an interest in the language and Hispanic culture.

To keep the discussion open - and encourage maximum participation - only one person should speak at a time. Please avoid side conversations with neighbours, as this fragments the group and increases the noise level. ¡Hay que recordar que estamos en una biblioteca!

At 8:00pm, many of us go for a drink or meal at one of the nearby hotels in Manly where you will have the chance to speak in whatever language you prefer - and talk over the top of everyone else!

Next Party/Cena

The next dinner will be on the 23 May 2018!

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