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SINGLE USER licence costs are quoted in local currencies for:-

Australian Flag         Australia         Australian Dollars

New Zealand Flag      New Zealand      NZ Dollars

Union Jack    United Kingdom    Pounds Sterling

Old Glory     United States     US Dollars

UN Flag      International      US Dollars

         (Click a Flag to see Country pricelist)

Multi-user licences are also available. They offer considerable savings to the larger user. The licence fee is calculated by applying a multiplier to the applicable single user cost for each workstation on which the program is installed. The multi-user licence "multipliers" are:-

     No of copies    Multiplier    Increment
           1            1.00          1.00
           2            1.67          0.67
           3            2.25          0.58
           4            2.79          0.54
           5            3.29          0.50
          10            5.50          0.44
          20            9.18          0.37
          50           18.08          0.27
         100           30.20          0.26

The following restrictions apply to MULTI-USER licences:-

they cover a prescribed geographic area and specific locations.

the user must nominate a representative who will internally distribute upgrades during the maintenance period, and maintain a list of program locations. (Multiple copies of revised manuals will be supplied but only one copy of disks).

an existing licence may be extended to more users, in accordance with the above multipliers, only while a maintenance agreement is in effect.

All licences include 90 days of maintenance support (including free upgrades and e-mail and telephone support). This support may be renewed for an annual fee of 25% of the licence cost.

Training - if required - can be provided at reasonable cost either "on-site" or in a formal classroom situation in most major cities.

Payment terms for Australian software licences are strictly net 30 days (Overseas orders must be prepaid unless special credit arrangements have been made). Evaluation packs must be prepaid unless special arrangements are made to purchase them on terms of net 7 days. Interest at 2% per month is charged on overdue accounts. The cost of evaluation packs will be credited against purchase of any full licence within 90 days.

Please call for a specific quotation if these arrangements do not meet your needs.

For Font pricing see: - Procon's HVFont - High Visibility Font Packages.

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