Printing from DOS Versions of PROCON's Software Systems
under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7/8

In general, you should not have problems printing from PROBID, PROBILL, PROCOST, PROVAL, or PROPLAN under Windows or network software.

If you do have problems, this procedure should allow you to identify and fix them.

If nothing appears on the printer or a device error occurs

This can occur if the printer has not been properly configured under Windows and/or the network.

If the Test Page is garbled or contains funny characters

Check that the printer is Laserjet compatible (i.e., it supports the PCL printer language), and the PCL mode is hardware or software selected.

This can be done with a batchfile available from our website. Downloaded ZIP file here.

If the Test Page font widths look wrong

Return to the applications " Printer Setup " screen and try setting " Scalable Fonts" to No.

If this solves the problem your printer does not provide scalable fonts in PCL mode. (See the text file LJ2FONTS.TXT for details on soft font packages that can greatly improve the flexibility of these printers.)

If you have no access to a PCL compatible printer

If your printer does not have PCL emulation - or you cannot print to it because it has no parallel port connection and you are not on a network - you can download and install this Free PCL to PDF Utility which allows you to convert the program's report files to a PDF file which can be viewed or printed under Windows.

To produce a report file from the program:

The PCL files are saved in the DATA directory with a RPT extension as explained in the Manual.

Use the utility to produce a PDF file corresponding to each of the report files.

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General information on installing and running MS-DOS applications under  Windows

See: - Running MS-DOS Versions of PROBID, PROBILL, and PROPLAN under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7.